With the uncertainty of the world around us, it’s become more important than ever to have a preparedness plan. We face many challenges from volatile storms, extreme weather conditions, pandemics, terrorism, and more. All these conditions threaten interruption to our food supply, safety, and way of life.

Without realizing it, I’ve been part of a prepping plan since I was a young child. Raised in a farming family, we could live off the land, make do with what we had and preserve the essentials. This knowledge helped get us through uncertain times and taught me family survival prepping.

With the loss of essential survival skills today, we need good solid information without the unrealistic junk. While the dangerous and unpredictable times we live in are real, there are many conspiracy theories out there. Trying to understand what’s real and what’s paranoia is difficult at best and impossible at worst.

While I’m not an expert by any means, I do care about my readers, and I want to bring them the best and most reliable information possible. I started this blog to help you learn the skills needed for your family survival prepping.