Best Tactical Scope Less Than $1,000

Best Tactical Scope Less Than $1,000Finding the best tactical scope for your rifle is the most important consideration for any survival preparedness plan. A tactical scope is also your biggest investment after purchasing your rifle. In our guide, we review our top five choices for tactical scope for under $1,000.

When it comes to adding tactical gear to your survival supplies, the shooting scope comes out as a must have. These tactical accessories help you clearly see your target for a more precise aim. With the different features and technical jargon, finding the right scope isn’t an easy task.

Options you want in your tactical rifle scope:

• Optical Power
• Parallax
• Reticle Pattern – Duplex, Mildot, or BDC
• Reticle Power – MOA or MRAD
• Focal Plane
• Objective Lens Size
• Cost

Our tactical scope guide looks at the modern tactical riflescope features, helping you find a scope that fits your needs.

Our top five picks for tactical scopes under $1,000 include:

1. Sightron SIII SS Riflescope – Long-Range
2. Bushnell Laser Mil-Dot Rangefinder Reticle Riflescope – Mid-Range
3. Trijicon TR24 Accupoint Riflescope – Close-Range
4. Bushnell Elite Mil-Dot Tactical Riflescope – Long-Range
5. Alpen Apex XP AR Riflescope – Mid-Range

Sightron SIII SS Riflescope – Long-Range
Sightron SIII SS Riflescope – Long-Range

Sightron, a top name in optics, delivers a cost effective tactical long-range scope in the SIII SS Riflescope. Whether you’re an open range hunter or bench rest shooter, the Sightron SIII SS delivers high magnification from 10-power to 50-power.

The Sightron SII SS has extraordinary optics with its 60mm objective lens and great light transmission at high magnifications. Added light transmission comes from the 4-layer lens coating and displays a high definition sight picture. The SII SS lets the user sharpen even the farthest and smallest targets while making quick and precise field adjustments.

The superior Sightron SIII takes the number one position in our best tactical scope list for its accuracy and precision. Even if you’re new to using a scope for long range shooting, you can easily hit a one-thousand-yard target.

Bushnell Laser Mil-Dot Rangefinder Reticle Riflescope – Mid-Range
Bushnell Laser Mil-Dot Rangefinder Reticle Riflescope – Mid-Range

With a range of 600-yards to 800-yards, Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is an impressive 4-12-power riflescope. The 42mm objective lens allows low and medium scope mount use giving the shooter a natural height. Windage and elevation values at ¼ MOA and a 3.5-inch eye relief delivers precise shooting for all ranges but long.

The wide and square body houses the Bushnell Laser’s digital computerized rangefinder that shoots a laser beam at the target. Precise and accurate, the Bushnell Laser gives the shooter clarity normally found in high-end tactical riflescopes.

A mil-dot reticle allows working tandem with the rangefinder, resulting in bullet drop compensation regardless the bullet caliber. With the superb rangefinder, the Bushnell Laser, the all-around tactical scope is a top choice in scopes under $1,000.

Trijicon TR24 Accupoint Riflescope – Close-Range
Trijicon TR24 Accupoint Riflescope – Close-Range

If you’re looking for a versatile close-range scope with great optics, the Trijicon TR24 Accupoint Riflescope is the answer. Versatility comes from the smooth optical changing from 1 to 4-power with the 1-power functioning as a red dot optic. With red dot optic capability, you get a scope made for handling close quarter combat.

A built-in self-luminous tritium phosphor lamp gives illumination to the Trijicon TR24 fiber optics. The battery-free lamp has bright reticle illumination and comes with an absorption point cover for controlling the brightness.

Made from sturdy, aircraft grade aluminum, the TR24 has a shock and fog proof optic with all-weather protection. The versatility of the Trijicon TR24 delivers great optics for close range combat in a tactical scope under $1,000.

Bushnell Elite Mil-Dot Tactical Riflescope – Long-Range
Bushnell Elite Mil-Dot Tactical Riflescope – Long-Range

Made for snipers and shooters, the Bushnell Elite Mil-Dot Tactical Riflescope is a top performing scope in its class. This optical device is the perfect scope for anyone looking for the advantage of using a long-range optical.

The 24-power magnification with the 50mm objective lens delivers a superb tactical advantage. With the outstanding long-range transmission of light and clear optics, the Bushnell Elite scope helps you meet your target.

Providing superior long-range light transmission and outstanding optical clarity is the Bushnell Elite’s full multi-coating with ultra-wide band coating. This amazing coating gives the shooter the best clear picture at a high magnification level. Add HG rain guard anti-fog coating for a water-resistant scope with an unobstructed sight picture.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescope and its state-of-the-art features and superior design deliver everything needed for long-range tactical shooting.

Alpen Apex XP AR Riflescope – Mid-Range
Alpen Apex XP AR Riflescope – Mid-Range

If you want a medium-range scope with premium-grade optics, the Alpen Apex XP delivers at under $1,000. Varied magnification from 1 to 6-power makes this tactical scope a great optic for bush hunting.

The durable Apex XP handles continuous magnum loads with ease and has a user-friendly focus and smooth control. A bright illuminated reticle and multicoated lens give great light transmission and superb optical clarity.

Add to the Apex a durable construction that’s waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, and you have an outstanding tactical riflescope. For under $1,000 the Alpen Apex gives you a premium grade medium-range optic scope.

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